A Short Catechism on the Tabernacle of David • Bob Johnson
Bowing to Jehovah • William Mikler
Dance Seen Through "Old" Reading Glasses • Steve Griffing
Evangelism: Worship on Tour • Steve Griffing
Singing the Psalms: A Brief History of Psalmody • Dr. Richard Leonard
The Pulpit and the Throne • Dr. Sam Sasser
What Jesus Christ Said About Worship • Dr. Richard Leonard
What Makes Christian Worship Different? • Steve Griffing
Worship and Rebuilding • William Mikler

Worship Arts: A Mandate for Excellance • Steve Griffing

Biblical Qualifications of Apointed Worshipers • Barry Griffing
Dance Appreciation and Congregational Response • Jon Eymann
Keys to Effective Worship Leading • Bob Johnson
Praise and the Prophetic Flow • Larry Dempsey
The Role of Pastoral Leadership in Releasing Worship • Dr. Ione Glaeser
The Sacrifice of Praise • Barry Griffing
The Sacrifice of Praise: Our Priestly Ministry • Larry Dempsey
The Sacrifice of Praise: Spiritual Warfare • Steve Griffing
The Spiritual Song • Bob Johnson
The Tabernacle of David: The Church's Model for Glorious Praise • Bob Johnson
Worship in the Land of Promise: The Liturgy of the Land • Steve Griffing

Worship that Makes God Visible: Impacting a Deaf Generation • Juliette Eymann







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